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Your goals

The SEM (or Search Engine Advertising), allows you to reference your site through advertising links on the main search engines. By working on this strategy, you quickly position yourself on very specific keywords, and carry out targeted advertising campaigns, to make yourself known from the start of your activity!

Capture leads quickly

With the SEM, the results are immediate: in 48 hours, your advertisement is present on the search engines, and generates quality visits.

Attract new customers with SEM

The SEM helps you find new customers by arriving at the top of Google results: the public who arrives on your website through this means trust you more, and are more likely to buy.

Optimize your CPC

With SEM, you have measurable results down to the click. You have an accurate overview of your performance, and get detailed reports, to optimize your CPC.

Optimize your budget by turning to a high-performance SEA agency

The price of a paid referencing service should not be an obstacle to the implementation of an SEM strategy. With SEM campaigns, you define a monthly AdWords budget, to which you set specific limits. Your budgets are controlled from A to Z, and you can focus on your digital, marketing and sales strategy with peace of mind.

SEM is a paid referencing strategy that often goes hand in hand with natural referencing and which offers your company a guarantee of results that will support your commercial performance: if you put the price that allows you to adapt to the competition, you will be visible on the keyword of your choice. With tailored SEM campaigns, and the advice of our Tactee consultants, you boost conversion rates. To achieve this, dynamic and eye-catching ad texts and the possibility of real-time adjustment are two essential pillars.

Choose an expert SEA agency to create truly engaging campaigns

In order to attract customers to your website, your ad must be impactful and engaging. And since the specificities of SEM are numerous and can become a real headache for many entrepreneurs, turning to an SEM agency can be the ideal solution to maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Invest your money in SEM campaigns that are clear, impactful, convincing, and that lead to the right pages of your website: to convert your customers, every detail counts.

  • Place action verbs
  • Choose punctuation carefully
  • Create an ad group and ad variations
  • Choose negative keywords and negative keywords
  • Create titles 1, titles 2, descriptions
  • Choose the final url
  • Identify targets

CTR (click-through rate), broad match, score, retargeting, commercial links, PPC, CPA, banners, auctions: when you are not a digital marketing professional, it is difficult to optimize your campaigns and conduct the right SEM strategy. However, to get noticed on search engines and strengthen your web marketing strategy, these are the details that will make the difference and determine the level of quality of your Google AdWords campaign.

Create a campaign type that suits your goals

With many concepts to understand and very important issues for companies, the concept of SEM can be complex without precise knowledge of the subject and without tools. Fortunately, solutions such as Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords), can help you design many types of campaigns that precisely meet your objectives:

  • Do you want to create a search network ad campaign only?
  • Do you want to publish your ad on the Google Display Network only?
  • Do you want to boost your visibility on the search network while enjoying a presence on the selective display?
  • Is this a Google Shopping campaign?
  • Is this a video campaign?
  • Is this a Universal App campaign?

Whether your objective is to develop your sales, find new prospects, boost traffic to your e-commerce site, strengthen your notoriety, stand out in your sector of activity, create interest in your products, or to reposition your brand image, SEM campaigns support you. Our team of Tactee experts will be there to help you select the types of relevant AdWords campaigns according to the objectives to be achieved.

Strengthen your marketing strategy with traffic acquisition

To generate qualified traffic, design landing pages that convert, manage your campaigns , implement remarketing strategies, and thus optimize your SEM strategy, turn to a professional and attentive team, who knows how to use the right web marketing levers .

To launch a paid referencing campaign, and include it in your marketing line, the choice of the right words and the page to which you redirect is central: to increase the relevance and performance of your campaigns, to be visible, and quickly observe thefirst results, our web agency Origin Blue Tech SEM will guide you.

Cherry on the cake? No delay is necessary: ​​with the SEM strategy, your site benefits from immediate visibility on your keywords as soon as your campaign is launched, and the return on investment (ROI) can be measured quickly and easily.

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