Discover a team who loves challenges

It is important to know who you are going to work with. We have decided to open the doors of our company to you to explain who we are and how we work.

We share values, perhaps a little non-conformist, but very real and if you are brought to work with us then you will necessarily experience them. You might as well know where you are stepping right now!


An agency that thinks results!
Why does it work?

Why become a client of Origin Blue Tech rather than a traditional agency?

First of all, what we do for you, we do for us: we are not a traditional agency. All the strategies we put in place for our clients, we also use for our internal projects.

In addition, the team that makes up our digital agency has had the opportunity to work on many marketing issues in different sectors.

Each project is an opportunity to perfect our digital marketing mix and make it more effective, business sector by business sector, while understanding better and better the expectations of customers in your sector.

Finally, our consultants bring together all the skills necessary to increase your turnover on the internet and are experts in the implementation of varied and adapted digital marketing strategies.

Experience and Digital Culture

Since our beginnings, we have encountered countless digital issues.

This experience helps us in each of the projects we carry out and helps us to anticipate your future problems.

Add to that the monitoring that we carry out daily and this allows you to benefit from the best advice from our team.

Mastery of the right tools

We spend several thousand euros each month on tools dedicated to marketing and their perfect mastery by our agency.

These tools make the difference in our approach by providing us with valuable data on the actions to be taken and how to prioritize them.

By working with Origin Blue Tech, you benefit from these digital solutions for your project.


an effective method

Beauty is not an option, it is an essential basis, but if our clients trust our agency, it is for the results obtained.
We put all the expertise of our agency to produce a solution perfectly adapted to the service of your project and the growth of your activity.

01. Workshop & Strategy

In collaboration with your teams, we analyze your targets and the good practices of your competitors and study the tools and uses of the sector before defining a detailed action plan.

02. Creation and planning

Our teams set up your new marketing tools and plan the deployment of the online digital strategy over the medium/long term. Website, graphic or editorial content, advertising campaign and webanalytical tools.

03. Monitoring, reporting and training

What makes Origin Blue Tech strong is our ability to analyze and then adjust quickly to maximize the profitability of the actions carried out. We can also train your teams according to the division of tasks between your team and ours.

Our Team

Creative Minds

Kenny Sing

Creative Director

Mitch Skolnik

Operations Director

Angela Charlton

Senior Developer

Awards & Recognition

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